greetings from beautiful cape cod, massachusetts!

bean is enjoying an extended vacation at his grandparents for the month of july. his #1 summer accessory is his little orange life vest from outward hound. he’s been living it up kayaking in the bay, romping the dunes, and practicing his stick fishing skills in the atlantic. life is good.

we hope you all are having the best summers ever!

hugs from bean & his mama claire


summer is on the horizon. bean and van’s favorite season. here’s to adventuring into the sun with all your furry friends!

play ball!

happy to finally squeeze a little cuteness into your wednesday afternoons! stay tuned for some exciting specials at the bean store in the next couple weeks. the 4th of july is coming in hot, (hint, hint).

red, white, and wiener dogs!!


say hello to emma! her mom is a proud new owner of a doxie luxe tote. we love these kind of emails, makes it all worth while. #peaceloveandwienerdogs

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this past weekend was rather glorious. we took advantage and trekked bean and van up to washington park here in portland. one of bean’s favorite things to do is play fetch, with sticks in particular. he could bounce around like a bunny all day if we let him.

such a stud muffin.

and in his own unique way, he’s a muffin too.

here’s to sunshine in the city, get your pups to the park!


warby parker presents warby barker!

the eyewear line warby parker might have had the best april fools prank of the year. they tricked us into thinking that they were going to start selling super hip shades for our furry friends. bean and van could really use some specs!

check out everything warby barker here.

loves it.

speaking of sweet specs have you guys been down to radish underground for puppy love month yet?! we’re thrilled to be paired up with amy sacks eyewear that donates 100% of their profits to the pixie project.

take a stroll and check us out! 

radish underground // 414 sw 10th ave, pdx

enjoy the tail end of your weeks!


introducing the doxie luxe tote!!

available n o w on the bean store!!

pretty dang excited about this one.


sunshine on my paws.

spring cleaning.

good morning.


sunbathe your heart out.

greetings from tokyo.

and last but not least………………………………..

the best photo we’ve ever laid eyes on.

(all images via our tumblr feed)

bean & van are in dier need of some sunbathing action. if you live in portland you know what i mean.

mr. sun please shine down on us!

hope this cuteness brings some smiles to your mid-week slumps!


hello, hello friends! we’ve missed you mucho! 

this week we’re celebrating our love for the canine kingdom by sharing some of our favorite pooch inspired products.

01 dachsunglasses

02 doxie figurine 

03 up on the pup dress

04 party pug ring

05 wieny ring

06 happy tails print

07 chi socks

08 dachshund notepad

09 decorative pillow


in addition to this week’s cuteness we’d like to share with you some exciting news! starting april 1st bean will be available at radish underground here in portland! we are super super honored & excited to say the least!

be sure to come check us out at the shop // 414 sw 10th ave, pdx

tomorrow’s our friday! clink clink!


have you guys seen these series of underwater pooch photos by seth casteel?!

seth is based out of los angelos & chicago & specializes in lifestyle pet photography. “our pets are our friends—our little friends! and they mean the world to us! each of them has a unique and awesome personality.”

in addition to his lifestyle pup photography seth also runs a non-profit organization, 'second chance photo' which believes that every homeless pet should be represented with a positive, professional photograph, offering a glimpse into their unique personality in hopes to make a connection with potential adopters.

this guy is a gem. everything about little friends photo & second chance photo is wonderful!

for more information visit seth’s sites here:

little friends photo

second chance photo

cheers friends!


pondering thoughts..

can i have my treat now?

the key to happiness is a positive attitude.

don’t judge me, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

have you seen dorothy? 

we’ve got quite the view from down here! ;)

i’ll walk myself, thanks.

i just got my hair did & dang am i fly!

ima g, don’t mess.


i’m smarter than you.

i’m sooo confused..

aha! i get it…

hahaha! (lol)

i’m going to keep what i’m thinking to myself..

happy dance!

who turned off the lights?

what do you think these guys are thinking?…quite the group of characters we’ve got here.

all of these pooches are from the 2011 westminister dog show. (images via national geographic)

happy wickedly cute wednesday to ya’ll!!